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7 RULES to GUIDE you through Buying that Perfect Piece of Jewelry:

October 21st, 2013

1) What is your main focus?  Is it to be center of attention, sure to receive compliments, or, something more subtle to complete your look without screaming ‘look at me’?

2)  A statement ‘collier’ style necklace may be suitable for a night out on the town, a date or a fun function but less suitable for office or work related wear.

3)  Take into consideration the extent hat you’ll be wearing a cerain piece.  Some jewelry is not as well made or robust as others and will not withstand the test of time.


4)  Before entering a store have an idea of what your budget is, this will help eliminate surprises.


5)  Do not feel rushed when in a store.  Try on multiple pieces and bring in current jewelry that you own and plan on wearing with this new purchase.


6)  Which color metal suits my skin tone best?  White, yellow or rose, or perhaps 2 or 3 tone pieces.

7)  If you absolutely fall in love with a certain piece that happens to exceed your budget, take into consideration the number of years  of enjoyment you will get from it.  It will be a positive investment.

L-O-N-G Necklaces……..

September 9th, 2013

Jewelry is a statement. It is a visible expression of who we are. Whether we choose a bold or subtle piece the choice says a lot about our personality and how we want to be portrayed.

My fave piece for the Fall season upon us remains to be the elongated necklace and layering. From delicate to chunky, layered or worn alone this great fashion accessory is widespread and being worn in countless ways.

Pair a long chain with your favorite shorter one and now the look achieves consistency and depth.  Layer on the necklaces and see how it will transform any ensemble from office blazer, plain shirt or dress to little black dress.

You will be surprised how adding this one accessory will bring new life t your jewelry collection in addition to your wardrobe.

Why Is My White Gold Turning Yellow?

May 28th, 2013

All metal used in the making of jewelry is alloyed, or mixed with other metals in order to achieve a strong consistency for every day use. When gold is mined it is much too soft for a piece of jewelry for every day use. To make it more suitable and worked into jewelry it is mixed with other metals such as copper, silver, nickel and palladium.  Since gold is naturally yellow in color, it is alloyed with nickel or palladium to give it a slightly whiter tone.  Alloying alone cannot be used to achieve a pure white sheen and therefore the process of rhodium plating is applied.  Rhodium is part of the platinum group of metals and when applied, gives white gold a vibrant  finish.

Over time and due to wear and tear, the rhodium finish will begin to wear away and a yellowish hue will begin to seep through. Having your white jewelry rhodium plated from time to time is considered normal maintenance, so do not be concerned when this begins to happen. Once rhodium is reapplied the jewelry piece will appear as new!

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