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Archive for January, 2011

Engagement Proposing Season

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

The holidays are over making room for the engagement ring buying season.  Many consider it ultra romantic to propose on Valentine’s Day. When looking for that special ring there are many factors to take into consideration; Platinum or Gold?  Modern or traditional?  Flashy or understated?  Diamonds or another precious gemstone? Solitaire or embellished  etc. etc?

You may also want to consider buying the stone separately as you usually get a better deal this way. Also, look at stones that are a fraction less than the next carat eg.0.80 ct instead of 1.00 ct or 1.90 ct instead of 2.00 ct etc. The indiscernible

difference can add up to big savings.

Remember diamonds aren’t for everyones taste, some prefer a colored stone like an emerald, sapphire, topaz etc. flanked by smaller diamonds on the sides or surrounding the stone.

9kt, 14kt & 18kt Gold

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

18kt micro pave' diamond stud earrings set in 18kt white gold

In Europe, 18kt and 14kt carat alloys are commonly used in jewelry, while 9kt gold is popular in Britain. Many countries require every item of gold jewelry to be clearly stamped with its carat value. This hallmarking system was developed in London in the 14th century at Goldsmith’s Hall. Some countries will also demand either for export or import purposes, that the country of origin be stamped alongside the carat value.
Have you ever noticed a series of numbers with a star eg. *1774 stamped on a piece of jewelry? This refers to the factory or designer where the piece was made. The *1774 number is the number allocated to the factory/supplier/designer when he/she registered his/her company.

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