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Archive for December, 2012

Tis the Season, Tis the Trend

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Now that we’re all stacking bands, it’s on to the next fashion “gotta have it,” fresh from the New York and Paris Fashion Week : stacking bracelets. In India, one’s status can be determined by the number of gold bangles on the arm, but those bangles are all the same style and color. In our world we want variety. You can start with what you already have in your very own jewelry box. You don’t need, or even want to stick with one color metal or style. The updated fashion of stacking bracelets is more of the mix-and-match variety, just as we are doing with our rings. You can mix bangles with chains, different metals and textures and colors. Remember to include the new hot ‘rose’ gold to the ensemble.

Remember, diamonds go with everything. Have fun with it. Start with three bracelets, work up to six, or as many as work with your own personal style. ORO MODA  can help you coordinate new pieces into your collection. Stacking bracelets: they’re a “gotta have it” this season!

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