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How to Best Care for your Diamonds to Keep them Sparkling Longer

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

I’ve listed some of the most common sparkle killers:

1.     Take your jewelry off prior to applying: perfume, moisturizers, hairspray &/or other products that will create a film on your diamonds and reduce the lustre.

2.     Shower and bathe without your jewelry

3.     Take rings off while washing dishes, doing gardening or general chores.

4.     Avoid wearing your jewelry, especially white gold in chlorine pools or hot tubs. The chlorine may slowly erode the finish and discolor the gold.

5.     Avoid touching diamonds on your jewelry while handling them. Skin oils will dull the appearance.

To Clean Your Jewelry:

Soak diamond jewelry in a warm solution of mild liquid detergent and water or use a store bought jewelry cleaning solution. Use a soft brush to remove dirt like a soft tooth brush, don’t use anything with stiff bristles as you’ll risk scratching the metal. Clean gently underneath the setting and around the prongs where dirt easily builds up.

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